Discovering (your) true being in silence and dialogue
Facilitated by Adima

is the teacher

the answer
that you are"

Satsang  is a word from Indian language. It means being in alliance, or in company (Sangha) with truth (Sat)

Based in meditation, in a climate of inner and outer silence, we share looking into who and how we truly are.

The sharing happens in dialogue with Adima. All themes, issues and questions are welcome, spiritual ones equally to normal daily life ones.

The meetings last about 2 hours and are often framed and enriched with live music

No prerequisites

Donation at the door

Everyone is welcome

Review from a long time fellow traveller and satsang guest:
"Adima can see and bring out the good in the faultiest person. She also recognises what is faulty in the most "holy" person. Somehow she makes a range of very different people recognise their true nature with an astonishing ease."

Adima travels Europe and Australia. If you  like to host Satsang in your area contact us.










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