Healing through Love

TIBETAN PULSING uses the power of love for growth of consciousness and healing. This happens through the pulse in the form of frequencies (touch and sound).
Gentle acupressure and sound is used in order to discharge the nervous system from negative physical, emotional and mental charges. It is one of those things which are much easier to experience than to explain.

The work roots in ancient healing wisdom of Tibet and China. Even though it originates from Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries it is not a religious teaching but simply a helpful method for everyone.
It supports holistic wellbeing and deepens understanding and compassion for oneself and others.

From 1987-1998, Adima studied and worked with Dheeraj, the founder and lineage holder of Tibetan Pulsing.

In PULSE-IN! Adima combines Self-Inquiry with Tibetan Pulsing. Over many years now this has successfully supported people to integrate spiritual transformation in their daily lives.

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Training Tibetan Pulsing


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